Nova Hush 2 Advc 510 Thread Battery Vape (Thermal Edition)- 6ct


Introducing the Nova Hush 2 ADVC Auto-Draw Variable Voltage Battery 2.0, where stealth meets control in the palm of your hand. Crafted for discretion, this device harnesses airflow to provide users with full vape control while keeping their cartridge use under the radar. The magnetic base simplifies cartridge attachment, allowing users to effortlessly screw on a 510 cartridge, secure it with the base, and discreetly enjoy their vaping experience.

Key Features:

    1. New Stylish Metallic Coating: The Nova Hush 2 ADVC boasts a contemporary metallic coating, setting it apart with its eye-catching design. Elevate your vaping experience with a touch of modern elegance.
    2. High Privacy Vaping: Enjoy your vaping sessions discreetly and confidently with the Nova Hush 2 ADVC. Experience the perfect blend of style and privacy in every puff.
    3. Individual Battery and Lanyard: Each Nova Hush 2 ADVC comes with a powerful 1000 mAh battery and a stylish lanyard, providing you with a portable and convenient vaping solution.
    4. 5 Voltage Modes: Customize your vaping experience with five distinct voltage modes, ranging from a mild 2.4V to a powerful 3.8V. Find the perfect setting to suit your preferences and mood.
    5. Silicone Mouth Piece: Immerse yourself in comfort with the Nova Hush 2 ADVC's silicone mouthpiece. Experience smooth and enjoyable vaping sessions every time.
    6. Puff Recording: Stay informed about your vaping habits with the puff recording feature. Keep track of your usage and make informed decisions about your vaping experience.
    7. Cartridge Compatibility: The Nova Hush 2 ADVC accommodates cartridges with a diameter of up to 14.5mm/60mm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of options for an unparalleled vaping experience.
    8. USB-C Cable Included: Charge up quickly and efficiently with the included USB-C cable. Keep your Nova Hush 2 ADVC ready to deliver an exceptional vaping experience at a moment's notice.
    9. Compatible with Nova ADVC Atomizer. Sold separately. 

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Nova Hush 2 ADVC 2.0 Battery
  • 1x - Nova Hush 2 Lanyard
  • 1x - Instruction Manual

How To Reset Puff Counter: Within 2 seconds, push the bottom button 3 times. The first two times quickly and the third hold down until the counter will go back to 0000.

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